Skyle X App (iPadOS and Windows)

We have published our new “Skyle X” App for iPadOS a couple of days ago (29th of November 2021) additionally to our next generation eye-tracker Skyle 2 for iPad. We are also deprecating the old Skyle App, which won’t be getting any feature updates anymore. It will still be available on the App Store. Skyle X comes with a new design which we introduced with our Windows eye-tracker in June 2021.

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Skyle X demo

Here you can see Skyle X in action:

  • We have added a 1 and 2 point calibration to the 5 and 9 point calibrations that we had previously.
  • The whole UI is now gaze interactive including selecting buttons and scrolling.
  • You can customise the speed of gaze selecting and gaze scrolling.
  • You can still switch between a guided stream and the video stream for positioning.
  • You have various options for the calibration pointer including switching the type between dot and an emoji, the size, the background and the animation.
  • The profiles allow a fine grained control over how gaze data is processed to make the interaction with Skyle even smoother. From beginner to pro you will find the correct speed and smoothness of the cursor.
  • And if you are having trouble with the calibration or the overall quality of tracking, you can still send us a sample directly through the App, so we can improve eye-tracking for everyone.

Impressions of Skyle X

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