Accessible eye tracking.

Eyetracking for everyone – eyetracking with everything

Discover new possibilities, discover Skyle.

Choose and watch your favorite movie undisturbed by independently turning the cursor off and on again by looking into the camera.
Communicate the way you want to. Use the app you have chosen. With Skyle, you can operate just about any app.
Be creative. Draw or design with your eyes only.
Read what you want, when you want. With an external button on the iPad solution you can even scroll.
Stay in touch with your friends and family. Use video calls or social media as and when you want.

With Windows or iPadOS

Access to your world.

New: Skyle for Windows

New: Our newest product now allows you to control your Windows system.

Whether tablet, desktop PC, use your favorite Windows device.

New design, new case – now made of aluminum - even more rigit.

Skyle 2 for iPad ®

Skyle 2 for iPad® ist die zweite Generation der weltweit ersten Augensteuerung für das iPad. Steuern Sie Ihr iPad Pro 12,9″ komplett berührungslos mit Ihren Augen.

Work faster with custom gestures.

Perform touch gestures without even touching the tablet.

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What is EyeTracking?

Eye tracking is the detection of eye movements. Eyetracker usually consist of several infrared diodes and a camera. The camera captures the reflection of the diodes in the users eye and the pupil of the user. This informations are sufficient to calculate the movement of the view.
These movements can then be used for contactless control or even for scientific analysis.

Who we are and what we do

eyeV GmbH is the worldwide first company, that offers eye tracking for the iPad Pro. Eye tracking, or gaze interaction, is a technology that is used to see where a person is looking on a computer screen. It can also be used to control a computer with your eyes instead of using a traditional input device like a keyboard and mouse.