Skyle Integration Kit

Real multiplatform eyetracking

Why an Integration Kit?

Eye tracking is a fascinating technology with a wide range of applications.

The Skyle Integration Kit not only extends these deployment options - it also provides developers and integrators with a cost-effective alternative to device-dependent eye trackers. 

Our mission

Democratization of technology

The Skyle Integration Kit offers developers, educational institutions, hobbyists, businesses and many more the ability to integrate eye tracking without having to have each dedicated device. After that, supporting device-dependent eye trackers is a snap.

Skyle Integration Kit is compatible with the most popular operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iPadOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • more?! Contact us!

Skyle Integration Kit

The Skyle Integration Kit has no cursor control, but can be integrated into your application. You get the exact gaze data and have all the setting options as with Skyle for iPad, Windows or Android.

Skyle for iPad/Win/Android

Skyle for iPad, Windows and Android (for Bewatec) have a cursor control that allows contactless control of the end device.






Skyle for iPad**






Skyle for Windows**






Skyle Integration Kit






Open Source Schnittstelle

For communication, the Skyle Integration Kit - like its siblings from the Skyle family - relies on gRPCs. 

Let me tell you about


Like our Skyle for Windows solution, the Integration Kit attaches to a monitor with a magnetic mount. Alternatively, the screw holes on the front can be used to mount Skyle to your own bracket. 

All details about Skyle

Device Specifications

  • On-chip processing to harness the full power of your endpoints.
  • ~ up to 30 FPS
  • ~ 2° accuracy
  • binocular tracking
  • 45 cm – 65 cm working distance
  • USB 3.0
  • für bis zu 24″ Monitore 


  • In order to enable cross-platform communication, we relied on gRPCs
  • Completely open SDK for integration into an application
  • Use the gaze data without license restrictions
  • .NET (NuGet) (GitHub)
  • Swift SDK (GitHub)
  • Dart SDK (GitHub)
  • Open source communication protocol so you can integrate Skyle with your preferred programming language - (GitHub)

Skyle App

  • Calibration - choose from 1, 2, 5 and 9 points
  • Assign other functions to the button
  • Easy to use pause mode e.g. to watch a movie undisturbed
  • Generate test data so we can improve the algorithm
  • Update your device