Skyle Integration: DialoQ Talk from CodeQ

EyeGaze-based communication now on Windows and Android. We’re excited to bring you a sneak peek of a new integration at this year’s ATIA 2023.

The Finnish software manufacturer Code-Q has been working intensively on an integration for the Skyle eye control in the past few weeks. Code-Q’s symbol-based communication software is called DialoQ Talk and is available for Windows and Android. Maybe some of you have already seen Code-Q with DialoQ Talk at Rehacare 2022 in Düsseldorf represented by Sybility GmbH from Germany or represented in person at last year’s Finnish Assistive Fair in Helsinki, Finland.

DialoQ Talk stands out with a high degree of flexibility. This means that various user-defined boards can be created completely flexibly and do not have to, but can of course be based on the well-known grids.

Let me list a few more special features that you get with DialoQ Talk:

  • Kiosk Mode by default. This means that you can use the app undisturbed, without any updates and other distractions – it just works
  • Downloadable content. You will get access to a selection of predefined boards made by AAC professionals.
  • Easy to use and edit even with touch screen (without need for mouse and keyboard)
  • Unique user own content actions – allowing users to take pictures, create messages and drawings without going away from “player – mode”
  • Automatic conjugation engine (for English and Finnish currently)

Enough talk, let the pictures do the talking (maybe with a little written explanation ?):

EyeGaze Bar for direct access

The eye icon for the previously shown actions, can be moved to your desired position. The selection of individual tiles can happen either Gaze interactively (visual highlighting of the tile) or by contraction of the pointer.

Of course, settings about design or dwell control can be made as well.

Last but not least a little hint. The integration is currently not yet available. We are working hard to make this happen this year. If you have any questions, please let us or Code-Q know.


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