Skyle Integration Kit – real multiplatform eye tracking

Since a few days we now offers a cost-effective alternative to using eye tracking on all common operating systems. Especially software producers, research institutions, or other integrators are addressed with the “Skyle Integration Kit”.

Integrators who have already integrated the other devices from the Skyle family can also use the Skyle Integration Kit with just a few simple steps. The Skyle integration protocol is open source and can be used with any platform and programming language. Documentation and sample projects in different programming languages can be found on GitHub.

With “Skyle for iPad” and “Skyle for Windows”, the Skyle eye tracking platform already supports two of the most popular operating systems. Through the cooperation with the leading manufacturer of bedside terminals for hospitals, BEWATEC ConnectedCare GmbH, Android has also been added to the Skyle product family in 2022.

The Skyle Integration Kit will now unify and extend all operating system support in one device, making eye tracking not only usable under iPadOS, Windows and Android, but also accessible under Linux, MacOSX, and more.

The Integration Kit is not just the only eye tracker that can be used on all common platforms. The democratization of eye tracking technology and its ease of use makes eye tracking more accessible to all industries.

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