Skyle Integration: DialoQ Talk from CodeQ

EyeGaze-based communication now on Windows and Android. We’re excited to bring you a sneak peek of a new integration at this year’s ATIA 2023. The Finnish software manufacturer Code-Q has been working intensively on an integration for the Skyle eye control in the past few weeks. Code-Q’s symbol-based communication software is called DialoQ Talk and …

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Skyle Integration Kit – real multiplatform eye tracking

Since a few days we now offers a cost-effective alternative to using eye tracking on all common operating systems. Especially software producers, research institutions, or other integrators are addressed with the “Skyle Integration Kit”. Integrators who have already integrated the other devices from the Skyle family can also use the Skyle Integration Kit with just …

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Skyle for Android

Skyle meets Android. From today now also officially on our website. With Bewatec we have found a strong partner to make the patient journey possible for even more people with eye tracking. With over 25 years of experience, 3 worldwide locations and over 130 employees, Bewatec is the leading manufacturer of bedside terminals for hospitals. …

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New Knowledge Base

We have started to create a new knowledge base or wiki to help you better and faster.We will of course continue to publish videos when major changes are made, but not only the creation takes a long time, but also the watching. So that you can find all the important topics sorted and bundled directly, …

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Tracking Speed settings

A little hint about the current iPadOS version 14.7.1. The tracking speed settings, which were moved to other places during the last updates, are now available in two places. Please check if these setting have been set to the lowest value.

NuGet package

That the first real post is a technical one was a bit unexpected now. That the first real post is a technical one was a bit unexpected now. Nevertheless, I am happy to announce that the .NET API is now officially online. With this API you can now integrate Skyle for Windows into your Windows …

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Hello World

Welcome to our new website. The website is currently still under construction. However, we will try to update the website as soon as possible and keep it up to date.