Assistive Community and OpenSource Assistive Devices

As many already know, it is possible to connect an external switch, like a pushbotton to the Skyle eye tracker. In the case of Skyle, a pushbotton is used to perform a click, or scroll when holding down a push button. But not all pushbuttons are equal. It is extremely exciting to see the variety of different ways to operate one.

  • Pushbotton or Press Switch
  • Finger Switch
  • Foot Switch
  • Bite Switch
  • Puff Switch
  • There are even stuffed animals with integrated switch.

But the interesting thing is that the principle of a switch is incredibly simple, so anyone can do it yourself, like you can see in the following video inspired by a impressive person.

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It is impressive and very gratifying to see that there are several communities trying to find solutions to specific needs.

I went searching and found the following places to go, which I would like to introduce to you:

We even tried the last design and it works very well. Big thumbs up to the designer. The button can really be pressed with the same pressure on each side.

If you know of any other sites, or useful designs, or have already tried them, please let us know and write in the comments.

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