Introducing embedded, modular,
affordable eye-tracking with

The all new eye-tracker „Skyle“

We offer you an eye-tracking hardware platform for the contactless operation of technical systems which enables the control of a wide variety of applications only with the eyes. We provide you the flexibility of the interfaces to various end devices, the outsourcing of the analysis and optimization calculations in the tracking device itself and the precision of detection at a good price-performance ratio.


Currently only Windows 10 (MacOS and Linux planned)
C++ and C# APIs
Included calibration with variable points


30 -40 FPS
~ 2° accuracy
binocular tracking
50 cm – 70 cm working distance
30 cm x 12 cm tracking box
USB 3.
12′ – 24′ screens


We support USB per default, but if you would like to have a custom interface, don’t hesitate on contacting us

Custom Application

Integrate eye-tracking into your custom application.

We are happy to answer your questions: